Will Cook For Compliments: A Vlog

Sure… I feed my kids when they are hungry, but… BUT…

I’m serious. DON’T TELL MY KIDS.

Oh, and I am not the only one with ulterior motives:

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Hillshire Farm

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I need to go fish for some more compliments make lunch. But I’ll be back! Next week I want to hear about YOUR secret motivations – so be thinkin’!

P.S… Note to self, start wearing belts with sweaters. That is all kinds of hawt.

How to look hot in the kitchen

*Disclosure: This is post number one in a series of four sponsored by Hillshire Farm, ya’ll!*


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13 Responses to “Will Cook For Compliments: A Vlog”

  1. Lovely. I wish more compliments were had in my kitchen from the kids….Ugh. Darn picky people….

  2. I have yet to pull off the sweater belt thing…. it’s on my fashion to-do list.

    PS: You are a riot.
    PSS: I don’t even make good sandwiches…..not gonna lie.

    Aaaaanyyyyywhoooo. 🙂

  3. Michelle W says:

    Last night, Little J said ” Papa is the best at cooking and Mama cleans the best”. Yup. No compliments for me in the kitchen. Now the Bathroom….

  4. teresa says:

    You’re so CUTE!
    Make me SMILE and laugh!
    Happy Day Cutie~Pie!
    I know you’re the FUNNEST~funniest mom ever!

  5. Mandi says:

    How about I’ll send over all my belts that are gathering dust since my waist is about 6 feet around right now? I can’t do the “belt over the pregnant belly” thing since my boobs are so big. The belt is getting very lost in there…

  6. jes says:

    you are so stinkin hilarious. i mean that. worst dayyyyyyy evahhhh today. kids were outta control and so was i. but ending it on a light and funny note. from jenny…on the spot. thank you dear :)))

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