Why I Will Never be a Fashion Blogger.

In case you missed it, my friend Lisa and I (and a few AWESOME gals who have jumped on the  Awesome Train) are doing the Great Girlfriend Wardrobe Challenge of 2013.

You can see Lisa’s and my admission video here.

The act of simply not being able to shop is not why I will never be a fashion blogger. No.

I have clothes.

I can (try to) style them.

I have a blog.

Hitherhencetofore: fashion blogger?

Ahem. So…

Let’s do this… click on this Pinterest link to see what a LEGIT fashion blogger looks like.


Now look at me:

Fashion blogger fail via @jennyonthespot

No seriously.

I am so embarrassed right now.

In my defense… Here are a couple better ones.

Just as one cannot capture a vampire on film, I cannot capture a full-body photo of myself with my head coyly turned down. And to the side.

How do they DO that?

Here’s what I can do

My feet.

My neck.

Sweater: Old Navy

V-neck t-shirt: Target

Pants (probably 4 years old or more): Forever 21

Underpants/leggings (not undies, but UNDER-my pants pants… It’s freezing, people!): Forever 21. I think.

Shoes: Converse. Because, CLEARLY. GO CONVERSE OR GO HOME.

Necklace: Survival of the Hippest

Pretty sure it will be next to impossible to get a daily pic of what I wear, but I’ll try to pop up something each week. I’ve discovered looking at pictures I’ve taken of outfits is actually helpful to peek at on those days it is hard to choose what to wear…

Lisa and I will be updating our progress via video, hopefully soon (right, Lisa?). We are 1 week in. It hasn’t been too hard so far.



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7 Responses to “Why I Will Never be a Fashion Blogger.”

  1. nicole says:

    I never get a full body picture. I usually cut off my head. I also only use my phone, even though I have a regular camera. And yes, Converse all the time.

  2. Amiyrah says:

    In the words of the fabulous George Takai: Oh My!

    This was beyond funny. You did a good job of the close up pictures, so just take a punch of those, place them in body order(not odor) and create a Jenny collage! A weekly Jenny collage? I like that even better than a plain old fully body picture.

  3. Cally says:

    YES, Jenny! YES to the typically hysterical photos. YES to the Converse. YES to making us smile every day instead of making us feel like totally un-hip slobs. I mean, really. Who spends THAT much time on their outfit every day? Clearly, you’ve got it goin’ on. Dub high-fives, girlfriend!

  4. Vanesa says:

    Frumpy..that is the slump I’m in. Always feeling frumpy and not fashionable at all. :/ Is that normal for a stay at home mom of four?! *sigh* At least you are cute and fun Jenny! 🙂

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