Why does Santa get all the credit?

by | Dec 2, 2010 | Parenting/Family | 5 comments

*Alert! This post is not safe for children!

I’m serious, people.


Let’s look at this rationally.

I mean, c’mon people… HE SCARES CHILDREN.

Epic Santa FAIL

So… I ask the obvious question…

Why does Santa get all the credit?

I remember as a little girl… yelling into the air… with all the passion a little-girl-heart could hold… “THANK YOU SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Now that I am a parent, and my own children scream “THANK YOU SANTA!!!!” into the air, with all the passion of their little hearts… I must confess — I am a little jealous.

A lot.

What about ME? Why can’t Santa bring the pajamas and sweater and socks? Why doe HE get to give the cool stuff? I sweat and toil and… Santa gets all the credit.

And in the end… I perpetuate the lie. But deep-down, I know some kids get it.

Santa - Satan

Don’t even get me started on the Tooth Fairy.


Speaking of Santa… eBay is letting me kinda play Santa to the tune of $100 – click!


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