Who is YOUR Holiday Hero?

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Let’s chat heroes for a moment…

Who is YOUR Holiday Hero?

Do heroes have to wear capes or unitards with clever insignias?


*This post is sponsored by Keurig Green Mountain®. All opinion and talk of heroes are my own.

Do they need to have the strength to lift tanker trucks and leap tall buildings in single bounds?

I say, NO!

Heroes live all around us. They are generous with their time. They are kind with their words. They are gracious and patient and helpful and thoughtful.

Keurig and #MyHoliday Hero
My good friend’s daughter, Grace, blessed me the other day with a gift that will lift me day after day after day. Not only in this holiday season.

Keurig challenged me with a fun task… to share a little about a holiday hero in my life. I have many beautiful friends who bless my life all year long, however I have to tell y’all about Grace.

I am choosing to highlight Grace and her sweet heart for a few reasons…

  1. It proves that a holiday hero does not have to fly or wear a cape.
  2. It shows how something from the heart has the power to lift and encourage and change a day… or  many
  3. I think what she did here is inspiring and if you want to copy this idea and spread cheer and encouragement one personalized cup at a time – I say DO IT!

Keurig and #MyHoliday Hero
Which brings me to my big question…

Who is YOUR holiday hero?

Who is someone in your life that has added a ray of light? I’d love to read in the comments about people in your life who have made a difference through an act or gift, or even just know to sport an attitude that lifts all they encounter. Nominate your holiday hero by tagging him or her and include #MyHolidayHero. I want to read about the GOOD people are doing all around us. WE need to read about the good. There is a load of goodness all around, and it is so uplifting to read about the different ways people are creating goodness in their communities and friendships.


And thanks to Keurig® and sweet Grace… I have great coffee (like Green Mountain Coffee® Holiday Blend or New Green Mountain Coffee® Toasted Marshmallow Mocha) at the push of a button on my Keurig® K55 brewer and day-making reminders to drink it from.

And if coffee is your jam, or the jam of your holiday hero… I recommend checking out the Keurig® 2016 Holiday Gift Guide and/or/and Keurig® Coffee Subscription Service!

Whatddya think? Who is YOUR holiday hero and why? Cheers to them and to YOU as we all go out this holiday season and look for ways to be an everyday hero in our own communities. #MyHolidayHero

Keurig and #MyHolidayHero

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