Who Do You Know That Is Unapologetically Strong? #DegreeStrong

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I was asked to share my own personal Unapologetically Strong story… and to share what being Unapologetically Strong means to me.

This is a real-time story for me… as I go through a rebirth of sorts.

(I am not at all dramatic.)

Life has not so much been working. I mean, life is fine. Life is GOOD. But there is room for improvement. LOTS of improvement.

I am one of those people who apologizes for the weather or someone else’s mistake… And that is ridiculous. To feel responsibility or guilt for things that are not my own steals from my own strength which robs not only me, but robs those closest to me.

When I consider the phrase “unapologetically strong”, there are two women who immediately come to mind. My friends Lucrecer and Laurie.

They are very different women, very good friends of mine, and I met both of because of this here blogging adventure.

My girl, Lucrecer, is a single mom who takes on life with intention and positivism and has one animal of an attitude. A GOOD animal. In coversations I have with her, I am reminded – “Hey! I am strong too!”  After time with Lucrecer, I walk away feeling capable and significant and STRONG. Her strength infects me.  Even in her struggle, her strength sits on top, like a lovely foam atop a really good cup of cappuccino.

My girl Laurie is a confident decider. She uses her brain to tackle and solve problems. She has a clear idea of where she wants to go. When we talk I am inspired by her drive to weed out the noise and really make important only what is truly important. In the time I get with her I am reminded that other people’s fires and are not my fires (nor are mine theirs!) and it is not my job to bear that repsonsibility and/or guilt. She inspires the little apologizer in me to stand up for herself and her family.

Unapologetically strong, for me, means I don’t have to apologize for making the best decisions for me and my family… or for what I see is important. People don’t like others’ boundaries so it can be hard for a people pleaser/apologizer to stay strong.

Popular female sportscaster, Erin Andrews’ shares her own Unapologetically Strong story in this video.

How about you? Do you struggle with being unapologetically strong, or do you have *it* nailed?


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*“This is a sponsored story from One2One Nework and Degree Women®. I received product and incentives. All opinions stated are my own.”


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