What to Wear Wednesday!

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*Real quick! I have a vlogging class up over at Mom Spark Media! Good stuff, if I do say so myself!*

Don’t get this confused with a “fashion” post.

Or do.

I am not the boss of you.

These are just things I would totally wear, but do not own. Not to be mistaken as A Christmas List.

Come to think of it, this could almost be a LIFE LIST!

1. I want to rule the world with these on. ♫ These boot were made for rulin’… THE WORLD! Rawr.

kapow boots

2. Pom pom gloves. I want to make a vlog trying to tweet, eat french fries… or put on eyeliner with these babies on.

pom gloves

3. I like my bling, but not all jewelry needs to have diamonds… *pets image on screen*


4. I want to wear her on my arm…

Queen Bee Peony Tote

5. Betsey Johnson… strap me down.I love Betsey Johnson

6. Sparkles and twirling. Bliss.

Is there sparkle in this? THEN YES.

7. Close your eyes… Can you see me? I’m in this dress, in a convertible, cruising and winding along the Pacific Coast Highway…

my lucky charm

8. What? I am into dresses lately. I’m a girl. Sue me.

sweet dress

9.This dress makes me want to sing in the rain. I live in the Pacific Northwet. TOTALLY appropriate.

In Trenched Dress

10. I want my wall to wear a piece of photography turned art… a piece bearing the faces of my beloveds… I ache for a Modern Bird all my own…

modern bird photography art

11. And I have never wanted to be a prospector so bad. Plus, they’re vegan, so I could totally be all politically correct and whathaveyou.

the prospectress

*Disclaimer: I just want this stuff. None of the aforementioned businesses have given me a dime nor piece of faux leather nor thread. I am just lusty for stuff that would look really cute on me and I also over-share… Hitherhencetofore, this list.



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