What to Wear Wednesday: This is an easy one

by | Dec 22, 2010 | Photography | 5 comments

Like, DUH…


a sparkly red Santa hat



Added per the request of BrassyMom…because BrassyMom gets what BrassyMom wants *wink*

Herefollows the rundown on how this photo got to here:

  • Photo taken on my iPhone 4
  • Run through the MoreBeaute app on the iPhone
  • Uploaded to Picnik – Picnik is my crack. (I can’t “do” Photoshop.)
  • Cropped *wink*
  • Now it gets fuzzy… cuz I played…
  • I used the “featured” effect Winterized – and faded it… in this case to, like 70%
  • Added the Cross Processed effect and fade… to like, 70ish
  • The the touch-ups… I *may* have airbrushed. But just because it adds softness. *ahem*. The soften feature in the effects is great, but not always the best fit. I also *may* have added highlights, mascara, blush and helped the true blue of my eyes be shown.
  • I took this with an iPhone 4, in low light with no flash, so…
  • THEN.
  • What took this from “Girl in Hat” to “Santa’s Helper in Hollywood”… *drumroll*…. Holiday Textures in Picnik’s “featured effects”. The one in the top row, third from the right. I chose the default overlay (screen) and dropped the fade, to probably 25%
  • Then… added the vignette effect to help disguise the uncreative background of my very plain photo studio bathroom.
  • I felt the Bidmo Jiggler font was the best fit. And also it has dots in it and I love that font.

The hat:

  • I bought at Rite Aid.
  • The last 2 in the store.
  • 50% off…
  • 3 bucks
  • Priceless


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