What to Wear: Colored Tights. Definitely.

colored tights are IN!

Everywhere I look.. colored tights, colored tights, colored tights… On the people in the magazinessess, hanging on display racks in the stores… but not necessarily on the legs of the ladays around town all too much. YET.

But. They’re coming… to the legs of women in Smalltown America. They. Are. Coming.

Mark my words.

I was resistant at first. I am a bit of a WOB (wearer of black) and WOJ (wearer of jeans)… and also a WOYP (wearer of yoga pants).

You see, jeans & yoga pants are easy. Familiar. And black – it’s slimming! And when I travel it helps me keep the number of shoes I pack to a minimum… *cough*. And besides, in the past I have not been very much of a Creative when it comes to what I wear.

But all that is changing.

Thank you, adult-onset ADD.

And thank you fashion police… for lifting the restriction on colored tights.

Friends. Colored tights are a cute and relatively inexpensive way to spice up one’s legs… one’s wardrobe… BOTH. At the very least they are a good way to perk up that little black dress, or *insert your color here* dress/skirt, or lend a hint of fabulous to that shirt dress that could use “a little something”.

Don’t get me started on dresses… I’ve been ditching the jeans for dresses lately. And I LOVE it.

But tights/leggings…

Add a pair of tall boots and… that is all she wrote.


Are you unsure you know how to pull off the colored-tights look? Have no fear! Dare to be daring-ish! I mean really, they’re colored tights, not a tattoo.

However, I do recommend steering away from wearing dark or bright colored tights with white or light colored shoes *flinches*… Or skim through this article on colored tights by The Stir to help direct your instinct options.

And folks, by looking at what Paris (the catwalks, not the person… or maybe both…) dares to do – we don’t have a lot to worry about.

I’m speaking to the women, of course. Men, on the other hand… Please don’t.



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7 Responses to “What to Wear: Colored Tights. Definitely.”

  1. Heather says:

    Love it! So fun! 🙂
    Heather (WOYP)

  2. Yeri says:

    Love colored tights! I wrote a post specifically about yellow tights here: http://whatmakesmehappybyyeri.blogspot.com/2011/01/yellow-tights-easy-as-1-2-3.html

  3. Michelle W says:

    Oh I don’t know… Maybe a nice Scottish Man with a Kilt? I think some of them can totally pull off some colored tights. I mean, traditionally they just let it all hang out- but some might appreciate a little *ahem* support.
    Superheros as well!
    As long as I’m there, Rupaul. Now that is one pair of nice legs!

  4. […] I mean. ZIG ZAGS?! FUN COLORS?! Who can resist? We all know how I feel about colored tights… […]

  5. […] took aforementioned nap, I was wearing yellow/mustard/jaundice-esque tights and a pair of slippers. I do adore me some colored tights. I posted this picture on Flickr and was reminded there are some veeeeery creepy menfolk out there […]

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