Our Tooth Fairy must have dementia… or a black heart.

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She failed BIG back in Feb ’09. After 5 days of waiting, Olivia decided to leave a note:

I've been waiting...Fast forward to oh… say… A MONTH AGO… When Olivia swallowed a tooth.

And the Tooth Fairy failed to come.

And then 2 weeks later (when we were in Orlando) another tooth fell out… and she dropped it on the rock-like ground in one of the cabanas at the Hard Rock Hotel. Gone forever.

And that Tooth Fairy? A no-show.

And then Sunday afternoon – yet another tooth.

I have good friends who know the Tooth Fairy track record around here. My friend Jennifer was at our house when Olivia lost her tooth. She (being a GOOD mom, ahem) sent me a text later in the day…

One would think.

Mother. Of. Pearl.

Olivia decided to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy Monday night… locked away safely in a ziploc baggie… with the lost tooth – TAPED TO HER BEDROOM DOOR.

Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy goes for an early run most Tuesday mornings, otherwise… This is the note she left:

note to the tooth fairy

So I lost a tooth as you can see, but I also accidentally ate one and I literally lost one in Florida. Thanks.

I know the Tooth Fairy probably owed her at least $20. But she only had $6.

The good news is, the oldest is done losing teeth, and Olivia is nearing the end of her baby teeth era. But Lucy. She is one of the only kindergarteners who has not yet lost a tooth. Which means – our Tooth Fairy HAS A WHOLE MOUTH OF TEETH LEFT.


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