Well HELLO there PicMonkey: A photo editing tutorial (of sorts)

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Raise your hand if you tore your clothes like they used to in Biblical days when you heard Picnik was closing shop.

*waves hand wildly*

But friends! tear your clothing no more! Have you met PicMonkey???

First off, I have no relationship with PicMonkey… I am just a girl who has great fear of Photoshop who has been searching madly for a simple photo editing tool.

I would say the only down-side to PicMonkey is that one must be online to use it. I really would love to not to have to be online to edit pics…. *sigh*…


Here’s a picture of Lucy from when she took my borrowed hula hoop from me without permission…

(P.S. I am not trained in photo editing/art, so all my filter choices are guided by my own preference. Your preference may differ from mine. I like blues and greens, you might like reds and yellows… in any case… GO YOU!)

The original:


With auto-fix (which I hear is generally discouraged, but I like how it lightened up the tones a touch. Especially around Lucy’s face.

#2: auto adjust

I love cross process. One of my favorite filters… I love the enhanced blues and greens… I often tweak the fade… in this one I tweaked to 42 (like that means anything to you, BUT IT WILL!):

Cross process

I felt the picture was a touch darker than I wanted, so I went to the exposure feature and increased the highlights just a touch…

A touch of highlight

I added the Tranquil effect with a fade to 34. I like the added lightening andhow the effect softens the yellow tones and harshish feeling the highlighting did to Lucy’s shoulders:


Then a slight soften, to match her soft wisps of hair:


Dusk… faded to 70. It’s barely noticeable, But it deepened the edges without feeling like I was creating a heavy edge and it toned-down the yellows just a touch more:


Now for some frilly fun!

As a former scrapbooker I have to remind myself to be careful. I used to be quite a sticker user in my scrapbooking days… So, when using overlays/stickers… less is more, right? My arrows are also faded. Given the softened features of the picture, I felt a solid overlay would be too much…

arrow overlays

The finished product:

I dream of hula hoops

And THAT, my former users of Picnik friends… is how it is done.

And clearly… I AM NOT A PURIST.



real me

And now the Me if I had my own magazine (think Oprah, but with less no staff):

processed me

I made this one my Facebook banner picture!

I repeat: I AM NOT A PURIST.

Another tip… PicMonkey does not yet have an option for collages, BUT… iPiccy does. And iPiccy has a rainbow effect I really want to use when I find the right shot. It has many of the same features as PicMonkey. I’ve used both and there are things in each I prefer over the other.

In my opinion, PicMonkey is more visually appealing and a bit more easy to use. There are a few things about iPiccy that I just haven’t been able to figure out.

So. Whaddya think? Did you used to use Picnik? Have you tried PicMonkey or iPiccy? Are you a Smarty Smarterson and do you just tear it up with Photoshop? If so, will you mentor me?


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