Weekly Round-up: Parenting Moments, Living to 100, Don’t Hate, and a Family-Friendly YouTube Channel Recommendation!

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I’ve always wanted to be awesome at creating a weekly-round-up-type-thing, but until I get into the habit maybe I should call it AS-TIME-AND-ATTENTION-PERMITS-WEEKLY-ROUND-UP, OR ATAAPWRU. Or how about Weekly(ish) Round-up?

Weekly(give-or-take) Round-Up?



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I am always coming across neat-o stuff here on the interwebz. I’ll often share those things on Twitter or sometimes my Facebook page … and of course PINTEREST. But sometimes it’s nice circle the wagon train, if you will. Bring it in. These little “round-up” posts are my effort in doing that. I can never remember what I share where so if any of this is repetitive… Just know it might be. But since this is all good stuff… go good stuff!!!

This video by my friend Lucrecer is one of my all-time favorites. In a world of discontent… in a world where a bad (and selfish) attitude have become the norm… her message is timely and perfect. Strongly worded, but perfectly worded – in an age where we just need to cut the crap and say it how it is. “Don’t drink the hateraid… Love on a Hater…”

I tease Lu that almost every time we’re together, she takes me to church. Her video is no exception. Well said, Lu. Well. Said.

Let’s go love on the haters.

My friend Meredith Sinclair linked to a post our friend Jim Higley has up on Huff Post Parents… Grab Your Moment Dad. Dads AND moms, I encourage you to take a moment and read this post. It’s significant, touching, and encouraging.

Life Lessons from My Great-Grandmother  is guest post I discovered on my friend Gigi’s site. The advice that great-granny shares is gold. PURE GOLD.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I am working on my journaling practice. Here’s a post by Karen Walrond I earmarked awhile back on the very topic. I took the leap into journaling because of her… If you are at all thinking about it, Karen is an amazing resource. I started a Pinterest board in an effort build on my own inspiration… if you ever have journaling inspiration to share, I’d LOVE for you to share it… @ me on Twitter, tag me on Pinterest or Facebook!

Back in the pioneer days, families used to gather around the fire… nowadays we gather around the laptop. Bored Shorts is a YouTube channel our family LOVES to watch. Here’s one of our favorite Bored Shorts videos. I dare you to not die from laughing…

Hilarious. Right? You’re welcome.

And I HAVE to give a shout-out to my local community for the support and love they have been giving our own little Super Hero – Ian Gunnell. Since Ian started his battle (last September) with a wildly rare form of leukemia, our small but AWESOME community has raised $150,000 for his care.


It’s been amazing and life-giving to watch… Restaurants, little leaguers, coffee shops, dentists, families… and individuals all coming together to create events big and small all over Kitsap to support Ian and his family. King 5 published a short recap, but print cannot capture the heart, depth, and level of amazing compassion this community has.

Do you have anything wonderful you’ve come across online lately? Share it in the comments, or on my FB page, or… just be sure to share it with your people! Share the love, the lovely, the inspiring… and funny stuff. Funny stuff is always good too. Laughter IS, after all, the best medicine.


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