Were we to have coffee today…

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I might be carrying around my new BFF.

meet my little friend

And she takes HD video, so… watch-out YouTube!!! Now, I need to see a man about a shotgun mic…

Oh how my heart flutters…

amped up

Were we sitting across each other at a coffee shop table, I’d blather about the holidays a bit…

My parents came and if it wasn’t for my mom, my laundry would have been pouring out the front door by now. And the dishes… bless my mama for all she did. Thank you MOM!!!

I didn’t force her into slavery the entire time (right, Mom?). We did take the girls to paint some pottery…

painting pottery with grandma

frog and piggy banks

We haven’t done that in years. First time I’ve been there without a 3 or 4 year-old. And WOW. It is NICE painting breakables without a 3 year old!


Kevin liked having the extra company. He sure turned on the charm for my mom. She couldn’t resist his Blue Steel look. He got LOTS of bones from Grandma…

It's Kevin

I imagine we’d chat about our wild fun on New Year’s Eve. Right? You’d tell me about how you wore a beautiful dress and heels and I’d tell you about how good a job the girls did cleaning up their mess from their gingerbread house decorating…

gingerbread house

I’d also tell you how I almost broke a window when I finally got the cork out of the Prosecco.

Then I did my own craft that night:

chalkboard paint on wine bottle

Mostly. I finished it on New Year’s Day. And then gave it as a gift… there’s a coffee card tied onto there:

Happy 40th!

And yes, there will be a video tutorial of this very soon.

Speaking of New Year’s Day…

No donuts on New Years

Are you OK? Did your heart stop?



Thankfully, I wasn’t getting New Year’s donuts there.



The donut shop was closed!



I guess it was for the best. None of the GOOD donuts to tempt me since I started my New Year’s resolution to get back to healthy  4 days earlier.

Yes. I started before the new year. It was my way of making it not-so-much a new-year’s resolution. It worked. Instead of gaining 2 pounds the last 5 days before 2012, I lost one.

Oh, and if we were having coffee, I’d probably tell you I was hungry. Then I’d  stare at your scone and chug back water so as not to swipe your breakfast from you.

Why did have to get a scone? You know I’m trying to be good!


I love scones.

And donuts.

And chips.

Where’s my water…


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