We made it to HOLLYWOOD!!!

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You are probably expecting a picture of me in front of the Hollywood sign.

Or maybe a picture with a wax figure or a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame… or maybe you’d like a picture of me with Woody from Toy Story.

He was there.

On Hollywood BLVD.

The first time I passed him he said, “Hey Sweetness…” And moved toward me. I slipped behind a Transformer.

Not kidding. But I didn’t get a picture with the Transformer because I am cheap and didn’t want to dish out a buck or two to get a picture with a Transformer.

So there’s that.

The second time I had to be near-ish Woody… I tried to pass him with plenty of space between us. He  zeroed in and closed that space and went all Barry White on me, “Whatchudoingbaby…” I am thankful I have been running those ladder-things at boot camp because I was able to engage in some fancy boot-camp like ladder stepping and got away pronto-style.



Aaaanywho… the picture I choose to share is in front of a non-specific place.


This is in front of a shop. A shop we promised Lucy could go in.  To shop. In a shop.

Shop in a shop.


So Lucy was very happy.

happy to go shopping!

Oh boy! If this was day 6, WHAT ON EARTH COULD BE BEHIND CURTAIN #7 DAY 7 HOLD?!!!

P.S. Lucy is so stinkin’ awesome. Watch out Disneyland… you’re gonna have a couple of jumpin’ FOOLS all up in yo grill in a few days !


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