We Didn't Make Peanut Butter Balls This Year.

by | Dec 28, 2010 | Family & Friends | 3 comments

Among other things.

But we did go bowling with my parents… which is something we try to do every time we see them.

And since we only see them once or twice a year…

I suck at bowling.

Like… I scored an 80. My 5 year old broke 100.

So not fair. She plays as much as I do. Why does SHE get to have bumpers? I didn’t get to use the bumpers like Lucy did. So. She’d never beat me if we had an even playing field.

Just sayin’.

Oh. yeah. And my own mother DOUBLED my score.

MY OWN MOTHER! I got the gift of gab from her, but not the gift of bowling? Sheesh, woman!

At the end of our bowlingssess, we always (mostly) get a picture of our footsies in our bowling shoes. This time, almost everyone had returned their shoes, but (mostly) everyone humored me and went back and got their shoes.

If we were not having peanut butter balls, we would have our bowling shoes picture!

bowling shoesYay! Tradition!


my dad and meI have no idea where I get my silliness from.

None idea. Dad? Do YOU know who I get it from?


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