We ate some of the meat and it didn’t make us sick, so…

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While I was in NYC, one of the kids left the big freezer open.

Now read the title.

So, that.

Apparently one of the children left the freezer door open long enough for things to defrost.

The freezer for the big stuff – Costco-sized meat… Tubs of ice cream (is there any other way???)…

But I was in New York when it happened…

Jenny at the Love Sculpture in NYC
The freezer and countless pounds of meat was home in the Pacific NorthWET.

I was busy.

BlogHer party in NYC

{Marie: Take and Makes; Allison: Petit Elefant; Me; Meredith: Hoo-Dee-Hoo}

Like, REALLY busy in NYC.

I didn’t have time to deal with freezers.

Jumpin at the Bow Bridge in Central Park

{photo cred: Haley: Love, Life, Family, and then some}


So was my poor husband… who not only had his fplate full with full-time+ work, because… HELLO!!! WORK MAKES THE MONIES TO PAY THE BILLS.

He also had freezer drama.

I think, sometimes we just have to plug our noses, jump in, and hope for the best.

The freezer situation was definitely a mountain as my guy single-parented AND worked at being a faithful employee.

It was definitely something more problematic than if both of our busy bodies had been tending the home fires.

He did the best he could. And I can’t say I would have been able to do much differently.

When I returned home I said to the kids, “I heard someone left the freezer open. I guess everything got thrown away?”

One kid said, No. just the popsicles and ice cream…

Another said, Yeah. That was it. We ate some of the meat and it didn’t make us sick, so….

I think that litmus test worked well.

I love you, Husband.

I’m sorry you had to go the freezer fiasco alone… and also that one time with the lice.

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