Wanna play a guessing game?

by | Jun 29, 2011 | Giveaways & Reviews | 15 comments

What could this be?

What is this?

Leave your answer in the comments! If no one gets it right before I post again tomorrow, I will post another version of this same picture… And then if still no one guesses then I will post the actual picture. Yadda, yadda, whatever… basically whoever guesses right will win….



You read that right. I will put my powers of glitter and awesome *made possible by my new favorite iPhone app* into practice and make you a song with YOUR name in it.

I may even video my own interpretation of that song.

I’m uncontainable. And I may regret this in the morning.

Oh, and in the case of a tie. I don’t know yet. I may give 2 songs. I’m like a wild animal. No body knows what I could do.

I am also still pretty much still hopped-up on codeine, and have only had a milkshake for sustenance today. Which means I’m hungry and as I type my fingers are looking more and more like hot dogs, so I’d better go to bed before I put some mustard on my fingers and do some real damage.


Hey. You like my hair? Go tell me how much you like my hair. Aveda did it. Oh my gosh, this codine makes me so… hey. I’m hungry.


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