VSCO Girl or 80’s Girl?

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Lifestyle

What’s the difference? VSCO Girl or 80’s Girl? I was wearing socks(sksksk) and Birkenstocks the other day.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s January, by the way.

A friend asked, “Are you a VSCO girl today?”

Do my socks and Birkenstocks make me a VSCO girl

I looked down at my socked & Birkenstock-ed feet.

The socks were pineapple socks, btw.

So… bonus points for creativity!

When I looked down I had a flashback to the 80’s/early 90’s.

Specifically, I flashed back to my college days when I wore socks and Birkenstocks nearly every day of my college career (the early 90’s, which were still basically the 80s…).

I am familiar with the “VSCO girl” trend, but I became particularly VSCO girl curious about VSCO girl details after my friend’s observation. So I decided to conduct a bit of official research (a.k.a. I hit-up Google). In said research I stumbled upon a VSCO Girl starter pack. Like, for reals:

VSCO Girl Starter pack on Instagram


If you can’t see the 80s girl (and early 90s) parallel, then you should probably break down and just buy that pair of reading glasses, girlfriend.

Actual 80's girl photo with VSCO filter

See that crunchie action? That’s me on the right, Veronica on the left and Adriane at top, circa 1989. Complete with side braid. And a perm, for bonus points.


  • scrunchies
  • oversized shirts
  • high waisted jeans
  • taking pictures
  • carrying bags
  • drinking beverages
  • like, gag me with a spoon!


However, instead of #hydroflasks with stickers we had ACTUAL STICKER BOOKS. ?

Instead of Carmex we used Lip Smackers. ?

Who was VSCO before there was VSCO?


If the 80’s girl had a starter pack, it’d, like, totally, look like this:

The 80s Girl - VSCO Girl Way before VSCO


I believe I have made a strong case in the court of public opinion to prove my claim that the VSCO girl is definitely the 80’s girl little sister.

Or daughter.

Actually, yeah. OUR DAUGHTERS.

Oh my.

I just made me feel old.

Let’s just forget that part having to do with feeling old.

In short – we are the OG VSCO girls.

We invented the wheel, like totally.

The 80s Girl - VSCO Girl Way before VSCO- pin

Speaking of style… did you know how easy it is to turn an old t-shirt into a tank top? I made a how-to video on it right here!

OK. I’ll stop. 

For now.

Peace and sparkles and like, totally gag me with a spoon.


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