DIY: Thrifted (or old) T-shirt to TANK TOP!

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Can be honest with you?

Of course I can.

I really like that song Fireball by Pitbull.


I didn’t mean to be THAT honest.

What I MEANT to share was… DIY-ing makes me nervous.

I think some think I am kind-of a free spirit and really I am a very tightly wound ball of stress.

I guess that ends up looking free-spirit-ish on the outside.

So the first time I ever tried to turn a t-shirt into a tank top on my own… I ended up throwing it away.

T-shir to tank top NOT.


I have no picture because:

1) It was a long time ago

2) I am too proud to show my weakness.

But eventually I solved my issue. Because I am not a truly-free spirit, I looked for a way to still create, but within bounds.

The next time I cut-up a t-shirt to become a tank I decided to use a tank top I already had – that I liked the shape of… and used it to help me cut a t-shirt into a tank.

And it worked.

And now I share that life-changing tip with you! In video, no less! Or should I say NO DOUBT…



T-shirt to tank top SUCCESS.

What do you think?

I have no No Doubt I know what you think.

I think I SCORED when I found that No Doubt t-shirt at my local Goodwill.

I mean.

There’s NO DOUBT.

You know I could milk this pun for like, YEARS.

No Doubt.

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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