Valentine's Day: Please Don't Hit Me

by | Feb 8, 2011 | General | 1 comment

I’m sorry. Mentioning Valentine’s Day can provoke evoke a wide range of emotion and responses.

I know in my life, as a female, I have had a love-hate relationship with the day. The word “frenemy” comes to mind.

This year I wanted to cut the neck of Valentine’s Day for showing up over there on the Walmarts shelves on, like DECEMBER 27th.


So. V-day. Whether you like it or not… it Is. It just IS.

My daughter asked me last night, “What do YOU want for Valentine’s Day?”


She looked at me, puzzled. I just answered. “SLEEP. THAT’S IT.”

Of course, my thoughts on Valentines’d Day runs deeper. Some of those other other thoughts I shared on iVillage with a few of my fellow iVoices – Joey, Liz, Samantha and Brandi! And we do talk about the sex… or DO we…???


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