On Vacation…

by | Aug 9, 2014 | Family & Friends, Life | 1 comment

We are.

Literally on vacation.

And otherwise.


I know maybe the internet shouldn’t know if we’re not home, but our home has not been left unattended. Nor have our dogs.

I miss them, but sometimes it’s OK to have a vacation from them too.


I know, my nail polish has been compromised. But I’m on vacation, so even nail polish gets a vacation.

I can’t tell y’all how blessed I feel to be able to do this. It’s been a long time coming. This summer has been packed with obligation, as have the last couple of years… so this little escape a handful of hours away from home is appreciated so much that when we arrived at the house we’ll be staying, I experienced real tears.

And since, the smiles have not stopped…


So vacation it is.

In in the vein of keeping it real… we’ve already had to post this sign on the screen door… on account of the fact that we don’t want to have to replace it and it has been walked and knock off it’s rails three times in less than 18 hours.


There is already talk of making this (lake-side living) a tradition. Less than a day in and I am sold.

Of course I’ll share more later… but for now I will be enjoying family time and making great efforts to keep everyone from getting sun burned.


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