Up, Fruit, a Smile, and a few other things…

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks. It’s not hard to take at least one picture each day, but it can be hard to take a specific picture.

Hitherhencetofore… On March 1, an exhausted Jenny, after a day of traveling and bustling about, with no picture to represent the word UP… found herself on the bed of her room in the Hotel Monaco in San Francisco… feet in the air… (I heard you giggle)… My feet are UP. FOR PICTURE TAKING. And let me tell ya, it was a bit of an ab workout to get decent light to the tootsies since it was nighttime and the room was lit by 2 lamps.


The things a girl will do for a picture.

March 2 called for fruit. I wasn’t home (still in San Fran)… Luckily I was at the Method headquarters, and they are pretty fruity, so…


March 3 – Your Neighbourhood. I wasn’t home that day either so I took a picture of my neighbourhood the next morning…

my neighbourhood

March 4… BEDSIDE. My bedroom is a mish mash of old furniture that is not old VINTAGE, but old OLD… Like, my table is my mom’s old sewing machine table (which sounds adorable, but it’s not)… My table is not kept cute with books and a porcelain bird or statement piece… Instead my daughter left her hedgehog stuffed love (adorned with a crown) for me when I got back from my trip.


And water. I always have water by my bed or my tongue will shrivel and die overnight if I don’t. And the jewelry. Whenever I return from a trip, most of the surfaces in my room become littered with my accessories.

March 5 called for a smile. This smile had been digging in mommy’s make-up. Now I know why she kept asking if I had and lipstick that was “more colorful”…

a smile

And of course she just HAD to add body glitter.

5pm on March 6


I was driving. And driving. And/or forgot. 5 p.m. is not a convenient time of day to capture. So I didn’t

 On March 7 I wore a smirk. Or is that a thinking face? I think it was a thinking face… Or my “OH WELL” face. I was going to take a picture of the bay, but my iPhone camera was flipped and I took a picture of me instead. YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING.

something I wore

March 8 called for “window”. I wasn’t feelin’ it… But I took this picture out of a window in San Francisco. It is a picture taken out of a window and there are windows IN the picture, so I think I will not get banned from the photo a day challenge…


March 9… at this point I think I am just a great big grump! I wasn’t feeling the “red”. Ya know? But I had a coupon from a McTakeover and dad was out of town… so the kids and I went to McDonalds for dinner where I took a picture of the Happy Meal fry box…


And I processed the life out of this pic.

For a couple reasons:

  • The finger in that picture is mine and my nails are an embarrassment. I have pretty low fingernail standards so you know it was bad if I feel the need to hide my nails.
  • I took the picture with my phone and the picture just felt so yellow and so red. It just wasn’t jivin’ with me.
So I played around with it. And I really like the pop-artness of it. So…. WIN!


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