Universal Orlando Resort loves families!

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I mean… TWO theme parks – one based on literature (Islands of Adventure) and the other on movies (Universal Studios Florida). From Superheros to Harry Potter! From Jaws to Dr. Seuss.

One Fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish was our favorite ride. We are THAT family…

One fish, two fish!


Seriously. We are. That is us after riding Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges. The perfect choice for this silly family from the Pacific Northwet.

The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride!

Aw… family goodness all right up in here as we cruise on The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride!

A quick glance at either park, and it’s clear Universal has worked hard to make a child’s experience magical… or should I say wizardly wonderful?

But who are the people getting the kids to the parks… walking them through… riding the rides WITH the kids???

foto bomb!


Or some responsible adult… *ahem*

Let’s say there’s a ride a child is too small for, or not quite ready to take on… Does that mean mom/dad/responsible adult cannot ride? Does it mean some fancy footwork or splitting up families to make sure everyone gets to ride every ride?

Not a Univeral Orn=lando Resorts, yo! They have provided the handy-dandy CHILD SWAP!

child swap

This is the child swap area at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

What is this “child swap” I speak of? Well, it is not that you swap kids with other families. *phew* It is a designated space for children to opt out of a ride… It is a designated space where one parent can wait with the opt-out-ers while the other adult (and children) can go ride. When the riders get back – the other parent or guardian can then go straight onto the ride! No wait. It’s da bomb.

Each ride has it’s own child swap area. Some with televisions… seating… all out of the sun. The Hollywood Rip-Ride Rockit child swap even had a close-up view of all the action!

child swap

Good thing, because we rode it twice. This ride was a little more than my kids were ready to take on.

*Side note: IT WAS AWESOME! Riders get to choose their own music! My first go-round I chose Stronger by Kanye. Second time I listend to Pump it by the Black Eyed Peas.  Not a fan of my music choices? No worries – you get to choose from 5 genres, 6 songs in each. Seriously. Go. Do it. Oh my gosh I can’t wait to ride it again… and The Hulk. I got to ride front seat on both. I’m not trying to brag. O.K. Maybe a little…

I have to say, despite all the many, many wonderful amenities and attractions – the child swap is what really made me swoon. I have been to parks before where we have waited and waited in the sun and for a long stretches of time, so the adults could at least ride ONE ride. Universal Orlando Resort NAILED IT, people.

P.S. I met prolly the BIGGEST celebrity of all time. My Livi is actually hard to impress, but THIS guy? When she saw him – her eyes lit UP. #BOOM

Cat in the Hat!

Our trip to Universal was part of a compensated Universal Orlando Resort press trip… meaning flight, lodging and entertainment expenses were covered by them. The FUN we had??? Was real… like REALLY real. For realz.


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