Uninspired. So, a Ring and a New Favorite Site

by | Feb 16, 2011 | Style | 4 comments

It’s Wednesday.

That means, “What to Wear Wednesday.”

But frankly, I got nothin’. Well, I have a whole folder with links to cute stuff, yet… nothing.

But this ring.

doorbell ringIt’s chunky. It’s different. I like her. And I think I could win a fight with this baby on.

No need for brass knuckles, when Mama’s got her doorbell on, yo.

When life is as exceptionally busy as it has been, I long to escape… which means my eyes want to rest upon all that is lovely. Things that inspire… colors, quotes, artistry. Things that calm. Things that are clean (unlike my home and inside my head). Things that distract from the clutter.

A new place I have been heading for that visual escape is Pinterest. It is a social pin-board of-sorts.. This is a screen shot of some of my pins…

my pins

I don’t read magazines much anymore. If I am sitting, it is usally with my laptop. So, pinterest is my little visual way of dog-earring my favorites in the onlinez… and sharing them. From Etsy sellers, to photography, to recipes, to retail, to art, to blogs… I love to stop in and just look at my pins. Or the pins of others. I have the bookmarklet installed, so as I am in my onlinez and I see something worth “dog-earring”, I pin it. So easy.

O.K. Back to work…

Peace and Sparkles.


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