Uncomfortable Words

by | May 17, 2009 | Life | 15 comments

This post in inspired by my friend Shayne, who, is known locally for her “word issues”.

Uncomfortable Words

She has an EXTENSIVELY long list of words that gross her out. I remember having dinner at her place awhile ago. While standing around the fire pit… we engaged in a loooooong discussion about all the words that made us squirm.

Then recently, I spied a post on Shayne’s Facebook page. It read:

Just added the word “snippet” to words that gross me out. Other words you ask? Foamy, frothy, moist, rotisserie, the P word, the V word, (cannot even type them apparently). The best word you ask? Splice, definitely splice. I know I’m a freak. Anyone else have words they can’t stand, or totally love?

I would say, I am pretty on par with her little list there… really it is “little” compared to her full list. Including but not limited to, “Rotisserie”

My contribution? GARNISH. My newest gross-out word has been GARNISH.

It just feels wrong, doesn’t it? I also am a bit uncomfortable with cabinet. Not sure why.

Of course there is the long-standing business and junk, but those 2 words just make me snicker. 

In the words of my friend Shayne, I ask you… Anyone else have words they can’t stand, or totally love?

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