Typical Pacific Northwesterner is Typical #GoHawks

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Just because the Superbowl is over, it doesn’t mean I can talk about it anymore.

Also: Typical Pacific Northwesterner is Typical:
seahawks and starbucksAnd what is Super Bowl Sunday without COFFEE?

seahawks and beast modeAnd BEAST MODE and whathaveyou.

And you gotta love an overpriced ice cream cake.

I mean, nothing says Pacific Northwest and football like an ice cream cake, right?

Or a blue tarp with a big 12 painted on it…seahawks and 12th man flag 12th man REPRESENT!!!

And this has nothing to do with the Super Bowl…

But everything to do with being a Pacific Northwesty…

Pacific Norhtwest FerryA ferry.

Nothing more than that.

Just a ferry.

One of many I have floated on.

And as much of a pain in the but as it can be to have to be slave to ferry schedules…

I love it.

**I am out for a bit. My grandmother, my daddy’s mom passed away Monday. She lived a full and lively 97 years. If you knew her, you’d know I come by personality honestly. I have a lot in my head and heart, but nothing I can express outside of my head and heart. Have a lovely week. In the meantime I am going to focus on time with my family and am thankful for an amazing husband and caring mother-in-law who are holding down the fort at home so I can be here in a very chilly Minnesota with my dad. If I return next week with more of a Minnesota accent than I’ve already been accused of having, well… MINNESOTA DON’TCHAKNOW. 

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