Two Truths and A Lie feat. @SHUGGILIPPO

There was this one time I went to San Jose for the BlogHer conference and a handful of us vloggers crammed into a hotel room and went vlog CRAZY for a few hours.

IMG_2370Start above my head and go clockwise… Jessi of Shuggilippo.com, Kathy of Mama Kat’s Losin’ It (who has a shiny new site!), Jenni of Mommy NaniBooboo, and Lucrecer of Lucercer.com.

This is my interview with Jessi of SHUGGILIPPO.com. Well… the word INTERVIEW might be a stretch. We actually played a game… a game called Two Truths and A Lie…

Have you ever played that game?

It’s kind of fun. And apparently somewhat stressful.

This is Jessi’s interview with me…

And this is an animated gif because if we are anything.. Jessi and I are animated…


Are you getting a headache from the gif?

Gifs make me feel a little stabby sometimes. But sometimes (as in this case), it makes me laugh…

If you are into the YouTube thing… don’t miss out by not subscribing to Jessi’s channel here!

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One Response to “Two Truths and A Lie feat. @SHUGGILIPPO”

  1. Lu says:

    I laugh every single time I look at these. I can’t help it. They never stop being funny.

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