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I really tried to come up with a better title.



They are all the rage right now.


I love me a good Podcast. I love This American Life, and the Ted Radio Hour, and The Accidental Creative, and The Moth, and Criminal, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind, aaaaaand you know what?!!!… Podcasting has grown and grown and friends of mine are building their place in the podcasting spaceThe Indie Parent, Blogger2Business, Hello Friend, and of course there is my own (albeit a very slow start).

As luck would have it, I was asked to be a guest on two of these podcasts. And as luck would have it – BOTH published on the same day. It’s like double rainbows, except it’s not at all like double rainbows. It’s more like coincidence, but whatever.

Please subscribe to my friend Lucrecer’s podcast – Hello Friend. You can listen to our show here. She’s worked hard to put together a darn good podcast and I guarantee you will laugh. And find inspiration… no matter the interviewee. I could listen to Lu’s voice all day long. Plus she totes jazzed up and Hello Friend’d my profile pic…

Jenny Ingram Hello Friend Episode 3

We talked about blogging things and hiding bodies and stuff. So. Pretty sure it’s falls into the unmissable category of things.

And then there’s my YouTube-themed interview with Kirsten Oliphant of Blogger2Business. If you are thinking of launching into the world of video – this might be a good listen for ya. I talk about my gear and some things. It’s not too technical, because technical isn’t fun! Click here to listen to that one!

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? I am hoping Serial will have something new soon. Sure do miss that one…


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