Turn to eBay to Outfit Your Summer: Making The Monies

by | Jun 22, 2012 | Sponsored | 1 comment

I could totally make this post buying all your summer gear on eBay.


I mean… you can outfit everybody at your pool party with goggles found on eBay.

But today I am actually talking about using eBay to help fund those summer purchases you didn’t get to budget for.

Raise your hand if you worked the purchase of water noodles into your budget?

No? You don’t plan for water noodles?

How about the gallons of BBQ sauce for all the wild BBQs you’ll be hosting?

Sunscreen? Towels? Aloe vera gel? FIREWORKS?

I try to tuck money away for Christmas, but I don’t necessarily save for summer.

Tank tops can add up too!

*ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching!*

Every year.

EVERY. YEAR I walk out of some over-sized retail establishment with a few buckets, sunscreen, visors, water wings, a side of beef, the payment receipt, and a lil ol’ heart attack.

But you know what? There are a couple of ways eBay can help tackle summer and hopefully prevent the heart attack:

  1. Selling stuff. You sell, you get the monies… you buy water wings, ribs and a new grill!
  2. Selling stuff. You sell, you make room on the deck that got cluttered over winter… and that’s where you put the new grill!

See? Make the monies and make room for the things you’d rather look at.

Unrelated, I am so good at making lists and points.

QUESTION! How do you tackle the expense of summer? Have you used eBay to help beef-up your budget? If not, do you have anything taking up space in your home, or around the perimeter of your home that could help you buy a pool… or a FIRE PIT?!

Fire pits are awesome.

*This is a sponsored story as part of my participation in the eBay Parent Panel. All thoughts, stories and opinions are mine… alllllll mine!!!


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