Tuft & Needle Mattress, Sheets, and Pillow

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*I was given a Tuft & Needle mattress, pillow, and sheet set to experience. This post is not compensated. All opinion is honest and my own.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

I’d heard of these companies that sell mattresses online and I have to be honest (because I said I would be honest)… I thought, “I’d never buy a mattress out of a box online!”

My experience with Tuft & Needle has taught me a valuable lesson – never say never. Though I was given a mattress to share my experience… when I have to get another one – I know where I’ll go next time.

Speaking of my experience, check out the video of us putting our mattress out!

The only thing I’m kicking myself over when it comes to Tuft & Needle is we bought two other mattresses for my daughters just a month before I learned of Tuft & Needle. I remember considering an online mattress option but I thought it would be too risky if my girls didn’t end-up liking the mattresses.

I wish I’d done my research. And that’s a big part of the reason I want to share about this company with you. I wish I’d have known. 

I can’t speak for all online mattress companies (and I understand there is a growing number and cannot offer a comparison review), but color-me-impressed when it comes to Tuft & Needle.

They have their system down. They have been around awhile. The company was born out of a bad mattress buying experience for one of the founders, and it has grown from there.

I even had a hiccup with my delivery. The shipper delivered to a wrong address, and it took a few days for the shipper to figure out what had happened. However, Tuft & Needle customer service was right on it. They set-up a new shipment even before we knew what had happened to the other mattress. 

No hassel.

But the bed… it is comfortable, requires no box spring, goes down narrow hallways and corners MUCH easier than regular mattresses…

Tuft & Needle mattress

…the price is right (affordable – even WITH shipping – because it’s free!), the customer service is outstanding, and you know what happens if you don’t like the mattress? You get a hassle-free return process, and the lightly used mattress is given to a local charity that accepts lightly used mattresses. They have it all worked out.

Tuft & Needle also makes sheets and a pillow.

Tuft & Needle mattress, pillow, and sheets

They don’t offer a wide selection, but rather quality. So you choose a sheet set for its size, not it’s pattern.

The sheets are great. I like that they hare heavy, as far as a sheet is concerned. They just feel solid, and comfy. Plus, the sheets also come with a 100 night trial period and that no hassle warranty. Curious about thread count? Tuft & Needle has an interesting story about that… read about it here.

The foam pillow didn’t work out for my husband, nor me. We’ve tried many similar pillows over the years and I think that style of pillow may not be our jam. I just can’t seem to let-go of the old-school pillow and my husband seems to do best with no pillow at all. It was close to being a fit… closer than my last couple of trials with similar-type pillows. But I ended up going back to my regular one. However, with that 100 night sleep trial period, I’d say it’s worth trying out. You can read more about their pillow here

Tuft & Needle easy set-up

I was invited to visit the Seattle showroom. There are 5 showrooms across the country. However, you really don’t need a showroom to get your body into one of these dream makers. You can order directly on Amazon with this link here (that’s an affiliate link… which means if you purchase something I benefit a pinch)… or direct from their website, which is powered by Amazon. 

In fact, even when you are IN one of their stores… you just use your phone and the Amazon app to make the purchase. 

Order Tuft & Needle products at Amazon straight from the store!

While at the showroom opening event I got to meet the Tuft & Needle founders. I was impressed by their passion for their product and that they weren’t unreachable-types… real guys working hard to keep making great products. Definitely… hearing from the founders helped connect me to the product a bit more personally.

Mattress, sheets and pillows aside… I am particularly excited about their not-bean bags (my words not theirs)! Oh you guys! I sat in one and gosh I hope they are put on the market sooner than later.

To wrap this up – My personal impression of the company overall is they not only genuinely want to put a great product in homes, but they want us to have a great experience getting their products into our homes. And the of course… they really want us to sleep well.

Sleep is so awesome you guys.

There’s a bunch more info and detail I didn’t include because well… they say it better. I strongly suggest reading this (about mattress store mark-ups, and their ingredients, and info about memory foam, and, and …). Go there to learn more about why Tuft & Needle is so impressive and something you may want to take an extra minute to consider next time you buy a mattress.

And now… what are your thoughts??? 


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