Try StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate & Get Your Youth Collagen Back

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I am not terribly science-y, so when skincare products list all the science-y things I’m just all, “Prove it.” OK, I’m not TOTALLY uneducated when it comes to skin care terminology… I do know a few things. In fact, my skincare mantra has become, “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” And drink lots of water. As we age, our need for moisturization increases, but so does our need for other things…

I am a long-time fan of a number of StriVectin products. I’ve been using StriVectin since the summer of 2012. I am hooked. I am actually a touch afraid to try anything else because I tried so many things before that failed, now that I know this works and I don’t want to risk a “relapse”, if you will…

Early Summer 2012 (pre-StriVectin, no make-up)

Try StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate & Get Your Youth Collagen BackDo you see that? The dark skin patches. Acne. Emergent wrinkles.

Today (February 2014 – no make-up):

Try StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate & Get Your Youth Collagen Back

Yes, I still have fine lines fighting for real estate on my face. However, those lines aren’t making progress. In fact, they have diminished. I know they won’t disappear, but it sure is nice to know that my daily moisturizing efforts are well spent, and I am good if I can even turn back time 6 months.

My consistent use of StriVectin SD Advanced™ Intensive Concentrate really has diminished fine lines on my face and stretch marks on my not face. You don’t get to see the reduced stretch marks… because. Reduced or not, pictures of my stretch marks are not my favorite thing to share. I want to be sure that my committed skin care regimen, which includes other StriVectin products, has helped reduce acne as well as dark skin discoloration.

I’ve learned so much about the aging process from StriVectin’s product info. Did you know there are 28 types of collagen? Two of which are in skin: Collagen III (Youth Collagen,) and Collagen I, the kind found in older skin and scar tissue. While you are born with equal amounts of each, as you age the collagen balance shifts- to only 15% Collagen III. StriVectin’s SD Advanced™ wrinkle fighting moisturizer targets Collagen III. This “youth collagen” helps restore elasticity, which we all can benefit from as we age!

From StriVectin: StriVectin scientists have worked at re-balancing the levels of Collagen I and III, which requires a formula that can specifically target both types. Until now, it was almost impossible to stimulate the growth of Collagen III, especially with a topical cream- skincare and procedures focus on stimulating Collagen I. The Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex in StriVectin SD Advanced is a new cutting-edge molecular combination that for the first time can target both Collagen I and Collagen III for maximum anti-aging results.

As a user of the product, I still don’t quite get the science behind it, but I have seen the effects and their science works. 



Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.24.36 AM

Some interesting testing results:

  • 91% saw healthier skin
  • 88% saw extremely nourished and restored skin
  • 74% saw dramatically improved skin

I have totally seen all of those results in my own skin since incorporating StriVectin SD Advanced into my daily skin care regimen. And I don’t use the word regimen lightly. I would go without make-up before going without my StriVectin moisture care system. Morning. Night. On the rarest occasion I skip the wash and/or moisturizing at night, and I always wake up with regret. It’s amazing the rejuvenation that happens when I use the right product on my skin at night. Visit StriVectin to explore and purchase their products. Different faces have different needs, and StriVectin has mnay options for different skin needs.

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