Maybe that title is a TAD bit DRAMATIC.

But. Here I am… house-bound… ish. Due to snow.

I am left wondering… what to write… what to write…

Do I write about the snow?

snow on the deck

See? SNOW.

3 pairs of gloves


I could go on forever about the snow.

But I won’t today.

That’s so… so… PREDICTABLE.

You know what isn’t? A POST ABOUT OATMEAL.

= cue bom chicka wow-wow music =

boiling water

That’s right. I cooked oatmeal while hunkered down for the big snowstorm.

apple, cinnamon, coffee, knife

And not just any oatmeal… Oatmeal with apple and cinnamon. No added sugar.

If ever oatmeal was sexy…

Oh. And I don’t cook my oatmeal with water. I use half milk and water.

Hey. You’re drooling…


And if you’ve ever boiled milk, you know…

You KNOW one must never walk away. For when you do… IT BOILS OVER AND MAKES A HUGE MESS ON YOUR STOVE.


100% of the time.


Oh I drive myself crazy.

I did it AGAIN.

I am actually a pretty capable cook. I am only afraid of yeast and merengue.

*An aside: I don’t care for the word yeast.

And when it comes to boiling milk?Β I am cursed.

Lucky for me, my husband thinks it’s adorable… how I boil it over 100% of the time.

Which means… I am the most adorable thing ever.


I won’t even start writing about my issues with setting off the fire alarm.

My kids are well trained. They may not know how to put their shoes away, but they are an impressive team when it comes to getting the smoke out of the house to make the fire alarm stop alarming.


I must away. I need to go scrub my stove.



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19 Responses to “Trapped”

  1. Joanna Sprik says:

    Did I ever tell you the story about how my sweet lil’ Eli (who couldn;t have been more than 8-9, cause he was only 10 when he went to heaven and we only lived in our ‘new house’ a couple years before that) rescued me the time I set my kitchen ablaze? Well, not the whole kitchen, just an oven mitt I placed on top of a lit burner…aaaannnnywho, I was trying to put the fire out with a wet towel or something equally silly (which finally did work) and turned around and there was my handsome little prince waiting with the fire extinguisher, ready to save the day! *insert melting heart here* makes me smile and cry all at the same time…

  2. Lu says:

    You know, oatmeal is the one thing I can not eat hot unless it is in a cookie. I have tried. It is a texture issue with me.

    I loved the picture of Lucy in the snow. I love her. She looks so happy…and cold!

    • I can appreciate the texture issue. Oh yes I can… and about Little Lucy… Every time I’d look she was on her back – making a snow angel. And I didn’t realize she had grown out of her snow gloves… so she layered 3 pairs of my gloves. I may or may not have a glove-collection/glove-hoarding problem πŸ™‚

  3. jennielynn says:

    My new favorite breakfast is oatmeal cooked in coconut milk. MMMmmmmmm.

    • SHUT. UP! How come I have never thought of that… oh YUM!

    • Vanesa K says:

      You just made my day jennielynn!! I am sooo going to try that as soon as I get another can of coconut milk…I used mine last night to make Coconut Banana Ice Cream for me and my billion (okay…four) children. (Seems like there were a LOT more of them when I was wandering the isles of Walmart this week looking for that coconut milk.) *sigh* =)

  4. Brenda Levengodo says:

    We learned to cook at the same place. My kids always took care of the smoke alarm for me.

  5. wendy says:

    oatmeal rocks! my emergency preparedness man got us an oat groats roller, so we ROLL OUR OWN OATS. yes, we are that dorky. but it’s good.

  6. trish says:


  7. all milk, no water and stir stir stir, love the creaminess (hate the word creaminess)

    thats an awesome shot of DD in the snow πŸ™‚

  8. Kelly says:

    I was trapped in the house all week as well – finally got out to the city today. I was about to reach the tipping point on “crazy.” However, now oatmeal sounds delish right about now….

  9. Oh, lets not talk about meringue. I can’t do it.
    And the boiling milk? yeppers. Me too.
    The ONLY good thing about a ceramic hob? (That’s British for electric stove top, by the by…) when you boil over your milk (or your pasta water), you don’t actually have to clean UNDER anything. Since its all flat.

    Oh, and I’m told if you lay a wooden spoon across the top of your boiling pasta water, it won’t boil over.
    But I can’t confirm that.
    Cause I only remember it when I’m cleaning up the boiled-over mess. I wonder if it works for milk, too???

    (Oh, last year, I filled a bunch of squirt bottles with food-coloring tinted water and let the kids PAINT the snow. Big fun.)

    Sorry about the snow.

  10. Vanesa K says:

    So I am eating oatmeal right now…and it is, eh, alright. I am on a healthy eating change of life kick right now. (And the plan is to stay that way…but ya know!)
    I measured out my oatmeal…placed in my water (less calories than milk)…added some sliced bananas, cinnamon, vanilla and had the egg whites on standby for the last minute. Then…dun-dun-dun…I read the instructions on the steel cut oats canister. Simmer for 25-30 MINTUES!! I got tired of it at minute 11…so they are a little crunchy. *shruggs shoulders* Serves me right for my impatience.
    I was just shocked that I was actually able to prepare and make this meal with no interuptions. (Four kids 6 and under…and two house dogs…this is huge. I wrote it on my calendar. Okay not really…but still huge!)
    I know this post is from a while ago…but I still just had to write because it was so random that I was eating oatmeal that I made from scratch…and reading about you making oatmeal from scratch. Anywho…ttyl Jenny! Love your writing style…it makes me smile. =)

  11. wendy hagen says:

    you are adorable and i hope to confirm this fact in person in a few days!

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