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I have stumbled into the Promised Land!

Have you ever gone shopping for clothes and felt confused, lonely… OVERHWHELMED… “What is hip and fun? What style is right for me? Is that too young, too old, too trendy, too NOT trendy???”

Never fear! Tog + Porter is HERE!

I am SO excited to have discovered a service like Tog & Porter. The entire process was fun and easy! From finding out who my stylist would be (Camilla – xoxox!) to getting to chat with her on Skype… to receiving my box and getting to dig through Camilla’s choices… even returning 2 items that didn’t quite fit (I blame my road trip diet!)… was painless!

“But Jenny…” you say…”Surely something like that must cost and arm and a leg!”


Tog + Porter buys wholesale with select designers… and sell retail. There are no added fees for having the awesome hand of a stylist guiding your style. Your stylist works with your budget, so what you are able/willing to spend, is what you are able/willing to spend.

And they are selective about what designers they partner with. You know that quality, well made items will be arriving at your doorstep.

“But Jenny…” you ask, “What if I don’t like something? Do I have to stand in line at the post office?”

I’m glad you asked! If you DO have to return anything, a return label comes in your box of goodies, so it’s as easy as putting on a sticker!


No waiting in line at the p.o.

And no wondering if a piece is awesome or not because, hello – YOU HAVE A STYLIST – OF COURSE IT’S AWESOME!

I am 100% certain I would not have picked out these outfits. Had I SEEN them on someone I would have been all coveting their keen sense of style, but on my own I wouldn’t have had the nerve or creativity or access to some of these picks…

striped Splendid top and emerald skinnies
Date night!

goofing off in my new Tog + Porter styled threads!
Girl’s night out!

I am so pleased to have a several new awesome pieces to help me veer away from  my stockpile of ribbed knit tank tops and the bought-at-the-store-I-always-go-to pants/cotton dresses/cardigans.

I am at the BlogHer conference this week and I get to show-off ALL my new stylish threads there. I’ll make sure to get pictures and share them, I guess I’ll need to corner someone to take pictures of me in my new clothes!


You can find Tog + Porter on Facebook and Twitter. and of course Pinterest. And might I recommend checking out their BLOG. Seriously. I have a crush on them and feel my life is more colorful (see emerald skinnies and blue blazer) and creative because of them.

What do you think? Have you ever seen a stylist?

P.S. Tog and Porter was JUST featured in the San Francisco Chronicle too! Way to go ladies!!!

*Disclosure: Tog + Porter has provided me the pieces featured in this post. But we set a budget. And I went a bit over, so I’m paying for that. I could totally have NOT gone over, but …NO I COULDN’T. 


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