Tight. It's "TIGHT"

by | Mar 1, 2011 | Local Living | 22 comments

My friend Lisa and I grabbed a quick dinner after a class I taught.

*waving to any of the lovely people who were at the class last night!*

We were pleasantly surprised to have found a local eatery with some live music. On a Monday night!


That part has nothing to do with the story other than the fact… Yeah. It has nothing to do with the story… It was just cool to find live music.

As we were leaving, an acquaintance complimented me on the red streaks in my hair.

I was all, “Thanks!”

And she was all, “Very hip!”

And then she was all, “They don’t really use ‘hip’ anymore, do they?”

Lisa and I were all, “Yeah, no…”

Lisa was all, “Phat?”

I was all, ” Fly?”

I actually don’t remember what I said…. Dope? Chill? Fresh?

gangsta hip

A young man walked up. I turned to him, “Hey. What is the word you young people use these days, Son… You don’t use ‘hip’ anymore, right?”

I CALLED HIM SON and then hit him with my cane.

Poor guy. He did answer… however reluctantly,



And all the way back to the car Lisa and I talked about how tight my hair was.

We’re young and hip like that.




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