Thoughts… (of friends & my own) about the Married Sex on iVillage

by | Feb 22, 2011 | Video | 4 comments

iVoices sent a list of topics we would be covering over the next few months. I perused the list. My eyes saw “Married Sex”. I giggled. I thought who’s the fool who they gave THAT one. I scrolled to the next line…

*blink blink blink*

I have some great friends, who share some great thoughts… It was me who was all flustery! My role with iVoices is to capture content, iVillage takes the footage (I gave them over 35 minutes of it) and who really knows what comes out. iVillage did a GREAT job condensing and keeping it classy, and my great friends did a GREAT job sharing and keeping it classy.

A HUGE thanks to my friends Michelle, Stacey, Jackie, Alli…. *takes breath* and Sheila, Heather, Lisa, Tiffany, and Jennifer… and the anonymous friend who sat outside of the frame. So I guess I wasn’t the flusteriest!

So. Had YOU been gathered around my kitchen table, what might have YOU shared?


P.S. I created a little survey, the results of which I will share in a future post, but if you have a moment, I covet your input. It is anonymous, so… your secret is safe from me! Take the survey here! And THANK YOU!


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