Those Resolutions

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For many years now, I have asserted I am not a resolution maker. Spoken in most male-like-celestial-being voice:

I resolve to not make resolutions.

Part of the reason for not resolving (?) annually is my dis-taste for decision-making and commitment-making.

*blech* *sputter*

Well this year… *raises staff of indecision and shatters it*

There are things I want to do dog gone it!

Either 2012 will own me or I will own 2012

Center-aligning and bolding text is fun.

But I digress…

I am one who best performs under pressure. Setting goals works for me.


To modified extents.

I am never one to overstate.


In 2012 I resolve to:

Start composting – I already kind-of do. I throw old apples and flowers and uneaten fruits and veggies out into a certain abyss in our yard. Literally, I throw. I open my kitchen door and THROW. I’d say the abyss is a good 30 feet away. I have a good arm. Anytime I throw compostables in the garbage I feel icky. Tossing items into plastic bags that would happily decompose somewhere in my 3+ acres kills a little of my soul each time. Hitherhencetofore I intend to stop killing pieces of my soul and the earth and I resolve to dig a spot for composting.

Start a small spot to start one-fraction of the garden I dream to have – Baby steps. I want to grow flowers for cutting and giving… to grow cucumbers and zucchini and carrots and squash. Tomatoes. I have done it successfully in the past, so… Plus each time I spend the monies on veggies I know I am capable of growing, I think, “This could have gone toward cute shoes!” OK, that last sentence was an embellishment. But I do think that money could go to lots of other things… And have you ever been gifted a bouquet from a friend of her homegrown flowers or have had abundance of zucchini shared??? Oh, I want to bring joy like that to others! It’ll be awhile before I can get to that level, but if I don’t start… it’ll never happen.


These are the only bouquets we are able to grow right now.

Declutter my home – The last several years have kept me busy with starting a business and learning how to go from working in the home to adding working from the home. And a fair amount of traveling related… During this time the SCHTUFF has been piling up. I have identified that my family and I all function best and most beautifully in a clean-uncluttered environment. This year, my heart longs to create a space that is less cluttered. I guess this one goes hand-in-hand with my brain. I feel my home has been reflecting the condition of my brain.

Take-back my own fitness – My working-out has been affected by my work. The work has been awesome, but my mind needs my body to work out. Hitherhencetofore… I need to resolve to kick my own butt back into gear. Exercis has great affects on my body, but I feel the value of the effort is even more valuable to my mind. So. 2012…

The Race. It's today!

I did the Ragnar Relay in 2010. One of the teams wrote this on their van. Makes me giggle.

Praise and glory I have a year.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Perhaps a compost bin, but not Rome. My list feels a lot like building Rome. But on my property. In my home. And in my mind.


There are a couple of other goals I have neither the courage nor confidence to speak or write about. They are being carefully held in my heart. Perhaps this year is not the year, or maybe I am not confident I will be able accomplish these other “things”. I am certain the four listed above are more than enough. I have little idea exactly HOW I will be attaining those goals, yet… I need to start working toward them.

I am a goal-driven being. And while my life would be busy without intentionally adding them… I am also given to mindless wandering – a trait of which I am sure you have NEVER encountered here *rolling eyes*. This mindless wandering gets dinner made and launder done (eventually), but I want more. I’m ready to work for more.

How about you? Making resolution? Yea or nay?


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