Over a Dozen Things To Do on Vacation in LA!

We received a Chevy Tahoe to drive for a week (Spring Break!). I have not been paid. All opinion is my own.

Over a Dozen Things To Do on Vacation

With Your Family in LA!

We went to Southern California just a couple of weeks ago for our Spring Break. It was quite the adventure! A trip like this isn’t cheap, so it is always a good time to review utility bills to see if you can stretch the bill a little further. It might be worth going online to compare broadband costs in the future. While it would be nice to find out how much a private jet would have been from something like this private jet charter cost estimator, taking a car would was the better choice this time. We couldn’t have covered the miles we did without a car. You just can’t dooooo So Cal without a vehicle. So this rather exhaustive list of things to do on vacation with your family in LA is (in-part) thanks to the generous loan from Chevy of our vehicle for the week – a gorgeous Chevy Tahoe.

Over a Dozen Things To Do With Your Family on Vacation in LA

Of course, with a family of 5… on a 10 day vacation… you definitely cannot do it in a sedan. You’ll need to use a vehicle that you would be comfortable traveling long distances in too, especially if you plan on visiting other cities in California too. You may want to incorporate San Diego whale watching into your trip as this is often described as not to be missed.

Spring Break 2018 - Southern California!

I mean you CAN.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Enter the Chevy Tahoe.

2018 GMC Yukon - Midnight Edition

Did I mention we got to roll in the Chevy Tahoe Midnight Edition? I don’t think I did.

2018 GMC Yukon - Midnight Edition


2018 GMC Yukon - Midnight Edition

Besides looking California-Cool, the Tahoe also provided other essentials:


We had to transport not only the five of us, but all our luggage. For part of the visit we also had my grandmother, and her walker. Thanks to the Tahoe we had room for it all, and even some to spare!


With three teenagers, you can’t not play jams. At some point everyone got to share their playlists with all ears on board… using Bluetooth. Ahhhh technology & a sexy interface…

2018 GMC Yukon - Midnight Edition

You cannot visit Los Angeles and NOT blast the La La Land soundtrack!

Once we figured out HOW to connect to Bluetooth (it wasn’t hard, but not being used to all the new-fangled awesomeness, there was a slight learning curve), it was smooth sailing as we rocked out as we sought out LA LA Land-ish adventures.

Safety & Alerts

Our 2018 Chevy Tahoe was equipped with all the latest & greatest safety features Chevy can offer… from lane change alert to rear vision camera to even a safety alert driver seat… The back-up camera. It was almost impossible to make a lane change into oncoming vehicles. And some vehicles really TRIED to make that happen.

LA traffic is SO BASIC.


But enough of the traffic talk. What did we do/what should YOU do on your next trip to (usually) sunny LA? What doooooooes a family do in LA for Spring Break/vacation for 10 or so days?

Here are a dozen (or so) things WE did on vacation in LA!


Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Venice Beach Shenanigans

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Venice Beach Shenanigans

Spend the dollars on rolled ice cream…

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Rolled Ice cream at Cold Rolled Ice Cream

You can experience the hottest (or would that be COLDEST) ice cream trend AND take fun pictures at Cold Rolled Ice Cream in LA!

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Rolled Ice cream at Cold Rolled Ice Cream

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Rolled Ice cream at Cold Rolled Ice Cream

Tour Colleges!

This is Loyola Marymount University. It’s gorgeous. And makes me want to go back to college.

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: College visits (Loyola Marymount)

We also took a drive through UCLA. We all decided a college the size of a city is not our jam…

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Tour through UCLA

Burgers and fries at In-N-Out Burger is a MUST (duh)…

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: In-N-Out Burger!

PRO TIP: Hunt for fun walls on/just off Melrose!

So Cal Instagram Wall on Melrose So Cal Melrose Wall with Wings

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Photo opps on Melrose Avenue

Get a Celebration Cake from Susie Cakes… Seriously DO IT.

A post shared by SusieCakes (@susiecakesbakery) on

Go to Hollywood

So Cal Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bet on a race or two at the Santa Anita Horse Races

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Horse races at Santa Anita

You can grab outside seating, but we met with a bunch of family and reserved seating in the Front Runner Restaurant. It wasn’t cheap, but it sure was yummy! And a guy with a trumpet stopped by our table…

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Santa Anita Horse Races

GO TO DISNEYLAND (and I recommend splurging on the Max Pass, yo)…

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Disneyland!

You should probably also go to THE BEACH. We went in early April, so our beach day looked a lot like our beach days at home in the PNW. *womp womp*Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Will Rogers State Beach

We went to Will Rogers State Beach, near the Santa Monica Pier. There was a big parking lot… that I imagine fills up on sunny days/weekends. But the parking fee was reasonable and there was lots of it. I’d give it a shot!

Also? If someone in your party needs handicap access, this beach has a mat (see that blue thing in the photo?) leading to the beach to make it easy and absolutely accessible for those with canes, walkers, and even wheelchairs to get close to the water. SO COOL, RIGHT?! It was the perfect location for my beach-loving grandma!

Have dinner and take a stroll on the Santa Monica Pier!

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: Santa Monica Pier

There are rides kids can go on at the pier, but we skipped that. It was cold (THANKS LA) and our trip to Disneyland a few days earlier had satisfied our need for amusement park ride experiencing (and spending!).

Easter at my uncle’s house!

Happy Easter!Maybe don’t go to my uncle’s house. That could get a little awkward.

A 3 day cruise to Ensenada! (from Long Beach)

Family Vacation in Los Angeles: 3 Day Cruise to Ensenada

You guys. Maybe it was the time of year, but it was FAR less to cruise for three days than it would have been to pay for food and lodging elsewhere. We had a blast. We jut wish it had been a tad warmer.

My final recommendation….a trip into Rite Aid to get a quart of the Thrifty-brand Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream. You WILL thank me.

Unless you hate malt. Or ice cream. Or chocolate. Then you won’t thank me. You’ll probably judge me for my junk food choice and I am just going to have to be OK with that.

I digress.

If you take this list and make it your itinerary for your next visit to LA… if you don’t have the BEST. TIME. EVER… it will totally your own fault.

Related: if you don’t gain a solid 5-10 pounds… that will also be YOUR OWN FAULT.

For those of you interested in learning MORE about the Tahoe… READ ON! Yes.. THERE’S MORE!

If I were a car geek, I might blather on and on and on about engine stuff and tow capacity. Actually… tow capacity is important to me, but we didn’t tow anything. THANK GOODNESS because can you imagine having to tow a boat or trailer down Hollywood Boulevard??!

I want to be clear. I am not saying you should only drive a Tahoe on Spring Break/vacation. I would bring one of those bad boys home to drive me everywhere ANY/EVERY day.

Every time I drive I want my family to feel protected.

Related: Iwant to feel like a celebrity everyday too.

Every time I change lanes I want a little car to light-up in my side mirrors to alert me of something in my blindspot so I make safe lane-changes.

Chevy Tahoe Safety Feature

I want to feel like if anything happened, my family is as safe as they can possibly be.

2018 Chevy Tahoe - Midnight Edition

Visit Chevy to learn more about the Tahoe (click here!). There are so many bells and whistles… like the back seat climate controls. The kids were able to take care of their OWN selves. The Bose sound system. The wifi. The many USB ports since no one/kid ever seems to get in the car with a charged phone *exasperated font here*… a running board for us shorter people, and not only an overhead handle just inside the door for the front passenger, but one for those getting in the back seats too. Oh… and a PUSH BUTTON START. Aaaaaaand a sensor below the center of the trunk so you just kick under the license plate to open the trunk.

Remember when we had to roll down windows with our hands? That was as bad as the days when people had to start fires with out matches… I would imagine 😉

I have had the opportunity to spend some time in a couple of GMC & Buick brand vehicles in addition to the Chevy Tahoe. You can read about my experience with the GMC Acadia Denali here and Buick Lacrosse here. I have been so impressed by the Chevy/GMC/Buick family line of cars. I wonder which one I’ll get to test out next! I HOPE there’s a next time! if there is… is there one that YOU are particularly interested in??

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