Things I’m Really Into Right Now: Plaids and Flannels

I own a pair of Birkenstocks.

And I am into flannel,

And coffee.




It’s been awhile since I’ve shared about what I am really into right now, so I figured it is time.

I will often share several things I am really into in one video, but my obsession with plaids and flannels and button-up shirts at-large┬áhas become so expansive – I devoted an entire video to this one fashion style.


Clearly plaid and flannely-type shirts are something I am really into right now.

How about you? What thing(s) are YOU really into right now. I am in the process of creating another Things YOU Are Really Into Right Now video (you can see my last one/first one here), so say your piece! I LOVE hearing from my friends about new things, cool things, make-life-easier things, yummy things, *insert YOUR-thing here*!

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One Response to “Things I’m Really Into Right Now: Plaids and Flannels”

  1. Lena Courbron says:

    I LOVE the shirt you are wearing in this video!! Im into button ups too!

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