Things I Am Into Right Now. Seven Things.

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Life, Video | 2 comments

Sometimes I just want to talk about things.

Sometimes I just want to tell everybody about stuff that makes my life better.

I’m not talking so much about youth pills and such.

Just stuff.

It’s hard to write about stuff and make it interesting. So I figured I would make it a video instead.

Which… I guess implies I think my video is interesting.

I don’t know. Is talk of avocados interesting?

But avocados really are the cheese of nature. It’s the most wonderful texture, and fatty. JUST LIKE CHEESE.


I really just randomly came up with that list on the fly. It started with the DANG coconut chips. I really wanted to tell you about their deliciousness… and then I thought, “I’ll share a few things!” And then a few turned into 7.

I already have 3 things for next week. So I guess maybe it will be a series, if only until I run out of things I am into.

Do I have to own it in order to be into it?

I guess that will be something I need to figure out. Because I have been into VW Beetles ALL my life, but I don’t own one.


But the video. And the things. What do you think? Do you love avocados, big shades, Etsy prints, sparkly nail polish, mandolines, tumblers from Hawaii, and coconut chips?


*Product links (except for Etsy) are Amazon affiliate links. The shades are similar to mine, but not the exact ones. After shooting the video I remembered how people often ask about specifics on purchasing. So I set up an Amazon store. Because I love you. And stuff.


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