The tooth fairy didn’t come last night.

Joel woke-up crying. I thought he might have wet his bed. Not so much.

The tooth fairy didn’t come last night.

The ever-lovin’ tooth fairy failed to trade lost tooth #2 for some hard cold cash.

My heartbroken son cried, “Maybe it’s because my tooth was dirty.”

“No buddy, maybe she was behind.”

I offered another possibility, “Maybe a kid lost all his teeth and she had to spend a lot of time for that emergency.”

Joel seemed to accept that possibility. I heard him tell his buddy at the bus stop that the tooth fairy didn’t come, but prolly a kid lost all his teeth so the tooth fairy had to help with that emergency.

I’m certain she will make it up to him tonight. However, that doesn’t mean the tooth fairy responsible doesn’t feel like a big jerk.

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6 Responses to “The tooth fairy didn’t come last night.”

  1. Katherine says:

    This has happened to me more than once. However, it was with my son who already knew I was the tooth fairy, and he was very forgiving and I just handed him the money in the morning. He was just as happy. You could tell Joel the tooth fairy gave you the money to pass off to him…it is very hard to remember to do something after you feel like you’re “off duty” for the night with that particular child (or at least only “on call!”).

  2. Rachael says:

    The toothfairy didn’t come for my nephew’s first tooth. It seems he was so excited, that everytime she(he?) went into my nephew’s room he woke right up!! It took a couple of days, but finally he managed to stay asleep. But then of course, there was no money under his pillow! It seems he’s such a wild sleeper, the money got dropped on the floor. 😛

  3. Jenn2 says:

    You know, the first time I forgot, I looked at Katie and said, “Really? Did you look EVERYWHERE? Let’s go check. I managed to palm a silver dollar and drop it behind the bed, then miraculously “find” it.
    The fourth time the tooth fairy had difficulties, she wised up and said, “Mom, I’m beginning to think you and the toothfairy have an awful lot in common.” Busted!

    The good news is that kids will believe a lot. Don’t beat yourself up. Even the best of moms have a glitch now and then. 😉

  4. Jennifer says:

    Heavens! Same thing happened with our son’s second tooth too. He cried. And the next night she came leaving a note that had the worlds tiniest print apologizing for the delay!
    He still has that note:-)

  5. Rob says:

    My wife likes to mystify the visit by putting out a glass of water at night that mysteriously turns into blue water after the fairy visit.
    Works well to get them all all worked up until the last visit when my son came running out from his room all excited, with glass of “blue” water in hand and spilling it all over our carpet!

  6. Cat says:

    I have so had this happen more than once. I will NEVER forget this particular time my daughter Emily lost a tooth. We had company and in laws coming in from out of town, in an effort to get my house “mother-in-law clean” I scrubbed so well that I made Martha Stewart look like a slob. I also took a load of clothes to Goodwill, cleaned the fridge out, reorganized my cupbooards so that all the labels faced outward and took all of our random change jars and gathered the coins to take to the market so I could get cash. Did I ever get cash. That night Em lost her tooth and was convinced that even though I had been the one wiggling it loose for the last 5 days it was undoudbtedly the magic of my friend Andy who made it fall out. Long story short. Tooth fell out around midnight, mommy, daddy, and Andy had no change. Nanna and Boppo were asleep and Emily got a big fat 20 dollar bill under pillow with a note from the tooth fairy saying she ran out of change. Coinstar is not always a good thing!!!!!!

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