The Terrible Twos

by | Aug 24, 2005 | Parenting/Family | 8 comments

I’m about to dispel a myth about 2-year-olds that has been allowed to spread for FAR TOO LONG.

The Terrible Twos

It’s an Old Wives Tale – kind of like the myth that pregnancy lasts 9 months. I’ve been pregnant 3 times now – and it has lasted 10 months EACH TIME!!

I digress…

The Two’s are N O T terrible.

They only SEEM terrible because one has nothing to compare the beast called “2” to. You see, once one lives through a child being 2, one must slap on the protective gear – radiation suit and all – and prepare for: (que music) dum, dum, dum – the THERRIBLE THREES!

OK, so I need to work on that title a little. “Therrible” is not a word. Cut me some slack – I am still trying to figure out how to tickle fight in a radiation suit…

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