The Teacher Gift

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I think I am most “on the spot” when it comes to my blogging.

I think I am a planner at heart, but temper that with REALITY and you get posts about teachers gifts and Christmas projects not in time for it to be of any help to YOU (assuming you love my ideas and want to do everything I do) (let’s just assume you do) (AH! Shhh! Don’t tell me otherwise.)

I digress.

Teacher gifts.

Poor teachers.

Victims of re-gifts, poor taste, 1980 craft-style trinkets, mugs, mugs, mugs, the occasional fruit basket, and commercially made milked-down milk chocolate.

OR… the homemade treat from the kid who picks his nose all the time.

Poor, poor teachers…

I got this year’s little idea from Pinterest. Now I am not saying this is the be-all end-all of all teacher gifts. I’m sure that would involve a one-way ticket to the Bahamas.

Teacher gift

Inexpensive gloves ($1) and a coffee card.

The sentiment: Warm Wishes

I just feel the simplicity is appealing.

The inspiration gift had a cute label, etc. I had to go with what I could do. I used a tag found at Pier 1. I punched a hole in the plastic gift bag (I already had on hand) and thread the tag string through and tied a little raffia *just so*.

The latent crafter in me wants to spend hours creating something to wow and impress… but the latent homemaker in me needs to do laundry and dishes… the mom in me wants to bake cookies with the kids – or heck even a real dinner… the wife in me wants to go on a date with her husband… and the business owner needs to get some work delivered.

So I settle. For simple. Cute. And always coffee.

Of course if one hates red or coffee or warm fingers, then… clearly… this gift sucks.

And per RachelDanger‘s advice…

Twitter convo with RachelDanger

Hitherhencetofore, the girls also included a card for their teachers. Something to hopefully warm the hands, belly AND heart.

Speaking of giving, did you get a chance to read my post about environmentally and socially mindful ways to give – you’ll find it here!


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