My Fifth Half-Marathon

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To bed by 10:30 Saturday night and up by 3:50 Sunday morning.

So began my quest to the finish line.

My Fifth Half-MarathonMah numbah

I heated up my oatmeal, brewed the coffee, and headed out the door. Ran back in. It was pretty warm outside (in the PNW in NOVEMBER) and I grabbed a tank top.

I met Katie, her hubby and her son at their house and we piled into their car to race to the ferry.

Before we left the driveway I spilled coffee down the front of me.

Soaked through 3 layers.


The ferry line was long, and it got a little tense. But we made it.

While on the ferry I rinsed my top layer and dried it with the hand dryers. I kinda pulled my right shoulder outta socker ‘er somethin’ with all that fancy dryin’.

I started getting so excited about running 13.1 miles with a cranky shoulder and coffee stains.

*dead pan stare*

My dried & cleaner shirt

Yadda, yadda, yadda… We parked and headed to Memorial Stadium in Seattle… It started to drizzle, so Katie and I broke out our high-end running rain gear…

fancy running rain gear

…but we only wore them while we waited.

*do dodo dodo* I Tweeted. We saw our friend Brian, I saw Joe, I tweeted with Chris who was waiting for the full marathon start…(and apparently experienced her worst marathon ever!)

I went pee 3 times.

It’s a fine balance – that hydration and bladder fillage.

The great news was at 4 minutes to start time, my bladder told me I needed to pee again. NEEDED. And my tummy started to growl. Niiiice. 2+ hours of running on a hungry belly. There was no choice but to pee down my leg hold the pee, but I did throw back a Gu packet. It didn’t fill the belly but tricked my body into *thinking* it had something to go on.

Then I saw my pet, Peeve:

Finisher's shirt at the START LINE?!

THAT, my friends is a race shirt. A shirt for the race that had not yet begun.

You do not wear the shirt to a race you have not yet run!


I cleaned out a rock in my shoe.

The gun/horn/whatever went off and we stood there. *waiting* *waiting*

It took over 5 minutes for us to simply cross the start line. And then is was a regular game of human pinball… passing, weaving, bumping, hopping… 15,000 people running on the street.

The view running down 5th Avenue (it’s 5th, right?) as we head toward that one freeway is awesome. A sea of people. The best shot I could get was this, because I run so fast *ahem*:

Running people

I saw Stacey my friend and my friend Christy… we wooted and waved and kept running.

Mile 1.Mile 2. Mile 3. Mile 4. Somewhere in there I stripped to my tank top. I think it was 52 degrees. Mile 5 done was done in 47 minutes. Oh, and a growing need to pee. Mile 5 it was.

Pee pots

And a long line, which added 5 minutes to our chip time. That drives me bananas.

It’s OK though. I stopped my timer. Just wish I had stopped it at the finish line….

Did I just give it away? We DID finish, but first…

I need to tell you Galer Street is of the Hell. Hell is not hot. Hell is made of all of hills going up. Galer will be in Hell, and so will Madison…

And that is why I never want to go to Hell.

Yadda, yadda, yadda… It got cold again around mile 11 and I put back on the long sleeves.

Katie and I finished, but with a special treat! About 3/4 mile from the finish I saw a familiar face – my friend Heidi. I was all, “Is this my Heidi?” and our little trio ascended the evil underpass hill (Face of Satan) and emerged victorious into Memorial Stadium!

The Finish Line

*cheering* *confetti and glitter throwing*

We crossed the finish line with our arms across kinda like in the picture you see below, except we were running with our arms like that and I think my tongue was hanging out. And we were running (did I mention that?), so that looks a lot different that 3 women not running.

We Three!

Katie, Cheesy Grinny Grinnerson & Heidi!

Katie and Guess Who?

I was so busy capturing our golden moments I forgot to stop my watch, but here’s what I give to you:

Official Time: (gun to crossing the finish) 2 hours 20 minutes (remember! We didn’t cross the start for nearly 6 minutes after the horn, so, that is important.)

Chip Time: (actual mat to mat time) like, 2 hours 15 minutes

My Time: (stopped watch for potty break, line of 10 people, might I add…) I believe it was at 2 hours 9 minutes.

Subtract my tweeting, we mighta shaved a few more off. But what fun is that?

Katie took a pic of me in my space blankets (they gave us one, but I dug an extra one out of the trash cuz I was cold and I’m classy like that):

1st tryKatie was all, “I don’t think I got that.” I was all, “Uh…” So she took it again. Here I am all snuggly with my space blankies:

Warm and cozy!

And I have been in bed much of the day – babying a very angry belly. She hates it when I jumble her around like that. My husband has been a GEM. He has been babying me while I baby my belly. I insisted they stay home for the race, and instead they cheered me on via Twitter.

When I got home the kids were out on the porch with pom-poms and cheers

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