The Ragnar Relay – A.K.A. Jenny Needs A Head Check #somuch

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So. In like, TWENTY-TWO DAYS… I have reason to believe I will be embarking on one of my most difficult physical & emotional challenges to date (with the exception of childbirth and child-rearing, clearly)…

And I have completed a full marathon.

Enter: The Ragnar Relay

ragnar relay: northwest passage

What is this, you ask? It is a 189 mile, 24 hour relay race. A race that has it’s own blasted race BIBLE.

Our team has 12 people and 2 vans, night gear, and ice chests. I will try to leave my feelings of despair, fear and angst at the start line. Each runner will run three legs… each leg ranging from 3 to 8 miles. My longest leg is 6.3, give or take… and I believe my own mileage total will be somewhere over 13 miles.

No problem, right? I’ve done a bunch of half-marathons!

Yes, but never without sleep… stretched over a 24 hour period.

This is gonna be all kinds of fun. *shivers*

Forget the hallucinogens… our team – The VelociRaptors, will be making our very own, thankyouverymuchsleepdeprivation! The organizers of the Ragnar know it too. In fact, there is even a require SAFETY OFFICER for every van! I was reading through some last-minute updates from our team captain, Chris of 3 Giraffes. The text read:

Each van will be required to have a safety officer/navigator that is awake and alert at all times. The safety officer is responsible for helping the team behave safely during the race [for the love of…]. He or she must be seated in the front passenger seat and must have the safety guidelines and rules within reach at all times [do we get a clipboard, warning slips and a badge?]. The safety officer responsibilities may be rotated between team members. The safety officer must be someone other than the driver.


Smart people might take this a sign to GET OUT!

I am excited and freaked out in all one fell swoop of emotion. I am excited to spend some time with my friend Chris. I am thrilled to finally meet IRL @karpo & @anthonyrstevens. And my long-time running partner Katie (and her hubs) will be on the team too!

Oh, and I’m sure, when we’re not running or on safety duty, @3giraffes, @karpo & @anthonyrstevens will be tweeting… a lot. Mine will probably be cries for help… or about unicorns floating on tablets of stone over rainbows made of skittles and horseshoes???

I have heard stories of finishers… saying they never felt so horrible after anything in their life. Awesome. At least I get to feel horrible with my great team, and over 220 other teams. No one wants to be alone…

***P.S. Have you met Juice in the City? Check it out! Over 33 cities represented!


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