The Ragnar Relay – 2 days left

by | Jul 21, 2010 | Health | 3 comments

the trackMany months ago I committed to run a race. With 11 other people… the Ragnar Relay. Our team name: The Velociraptors.

6 days ago I sprained my ankle pretty good… I have never fallen like that. And I have fallen a lot.

The next 2 days I will slowly pull together my gear… so I will be prepared to run 3 legs of 36. Sleeping bag… I hear there is ground to sleep on… Maybe an extra pair of running pants… Ice… and a lion’s share of Ibuprofen.

I finally sat down to look at the legs I will be running. In a sad turn of events, one of the female runners on the team had a sudden death in her family. She will not be able to run. It is too late to add another runner, so the gals from the team need to fill in. But probably not me… there is still concern about how my ankle will handle the 15.6 miles she already has to beat.

I am runner #9. My assigned legs are:

Leg 1 – 6.1 miles, “hard”… an elevation loss of -475, a gain of 215. Doable.

leg 1

Leg 2 – 2.7 miles, “easy”… *score!*

leg 2

Leg 3 – 6.8 miles, “very hard”… an elevation loss of -583, but gain of 518. A net loss, but… what?… Does this leg end on a frackin’ cliff???

leg 3

And I am under-trained. I am exhausted. I am broken. But I am going to do this. I have a team, and have longed to do this relay for years. In 2 days the rubber meets the road. I’m sure it will be something I will always remember. Pretty sure it’ll be a lot like remembering childbirth – it’s awful, but you forget the bad parts and do it again.

Besides childbirth – do you have a memory like that? Share it in the comments!


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