The Outtakes of a Video on Friendship

by | Jul 28, 2009 | Family & Friends, Video | 7 comments

My friend Lisa and I made a little video about managing online and offline relationships. Stop laughing.

The Outtakes of a Video on Friendship

I sent off a 44 second edited version (cut from 8.5 minutes of footage!) to BlogHer. It was supposed to be 30 seconds. I just can’t seem to be not-long-winded! In word or video-clip. I plan to post or link to the 44 second video some day, but for now I will keep that little nugget of friendship goodness in my multi-media pocket for a bit longer… HOWEVER.


I can’t keep this in my pocket! This is the “OUTTAKE” version of that 44 second video. 5 minutes. Some *ahem* “raw footage” if you will… I must apologize for the length. Nearly 5 minutes!

Who am I kidding? You will see that the 5 minutes will breeze by and at the end you will weep and gnash your teeth for all the “more” you will be clamoring for. It’s because of Lisa. She’s yummy like that. That red hair… Her “whoop, whoop” and whatnot. I just look like a camera hog. It’s my angle though. She’s the good cop, I’m the attention whore bad cop. Which is funny, cuz she’s usually the… uh… um… er… I digress.

I love that Lisa is willing to do dumb stuff with me. We’re lucky.



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