The Mrs. Band Debuts I’m Enough at BlogHer 2014!

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I first shared about The Mrs. Band in this post.

The Mrs. is comprised of 5 women who feel passionate about sharing music that fits the season of women beyond clubbing and teenage heartache.

The band came to the BlogHer ’14 conference this year to debut their new song, I’m Enough.

They were also there to share a little project they were working on… a compliment booth, if you will. They gave out mirror clings made to help women remember they are amazing… and they are enough.

I had the opportunity to talk for over an hour with Andra, the founder and drummer of The Mrs. I was so inspired by the heart she shared behind the women of the band. They are not only working to encourage women and writing music that relates to women, they also have a passion to reach out to young girls.

Andra and I spoke extensively about our shared heart for girls and our heartbreak for girls who deeply struggle with low self-esteem and the countless girls affected by bullying every day. Her vision goes beyond the drum kit and into schools.

I am always excited to meet women who have a heart to make a positive difference in the lives of young girls.

While at BlogHer I also got to meet the rest of the band…

Though I am short, I would like to point out I was the only one not wearing heels.

Not that it matters, because #imEnough.

The band had a booth in the exposition hall. At their booth they had the mirror. I got my time in front of the mirror.

Honestly, it was difficult to stand before that mirror. It was hard enough look at myself, but it was even harder to hear the complimentary words coming from those headphones. The thing is, the words that were said to me by the person behind the mirror were words I should be telling myself.

The lovely words many of my loved ones tell me should also be embraced and believed.

I’m a good mom. I’m beautiful. I make a difference.

Instead I repay this track daily. Even hourly. Even minute-ly… “I’m a lousy mom. I have one eye that is bigger than the other. I don’t add much. My opinion doesn’t matter. I hate my arms. My complexion is awful… …. …. … “


Speaking positive words are not to flatter ourselves, but empower us to be stronger, to be change makers, and to set examples for our girls. When we reply the negatives in our head, it comes out in ways that our daughters see. And they learn the negative talk from somewhere… Positive words need replace the negative. And that is the message this group of women is trying to send… women often spend a lot of brain time in negative self-talk.

Not all women. But it’s a fair statement to say many do.

We need to replace the negative self-talk with positive words… acknowledging our strengths. We need to stop dwelling on our perceived deficits and start focusing on our strengths so we can really change the world.



Not just change the world for only ourselves, but for our daughters and all the young women flooding their brains with reasons why they are not enough.

Are you enough?

Yes. You are. And you are truly amazing.

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