The Mouse in My Car

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Remember in the 80’s… when it was cool to peg your pants and tuck them into your socks? I did something similar not too terribly long ago. However, I did it to SAVE MY LIFE…

The Mouse in My Car

the mouse in my car | a rodent story

One day, I decided to vacuum my mini-van. I was hunting for petrified french fries and hoping the spilled milk was dry enough it would flake off. I’m kidding

Not actually.

No I’m kidding. 

I’m really not.

I digress.

I vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed my way to an acceptable level of clean. Gone are the days of “truly” clean.

I headed back home. The children and I piled out of the car when, when, when…. I saw it. It.



Where did he come from? I was ALLOVER that van with the vacuum.

I don’t even know.

I saw him run from the back of my van… to the tippy, tippy front.


I tried to scream him out of the van.

I tried to hyperventilate enough to concern him out of my van.

The Evil Eye was also of no use.

That little “I Dream of Jeanie”  nose thing?… Doesn’t work.

I had to go in.

I found a broom handle and flailed it about in such a way I almost made call backs for the local drill team.

I almost made this team


Long story short…

I couldn’t find the mouse. Was he still in the car? Did he escape? I had no way to know for sure… and I HAD to get back in the van…


So, I committed a fashion no-no.

I did something no one should EVER do.

I tucked my pants into my socks and drove.

I didn’t have immediate access to a genuine space suit, so I chose the next-best option.


This was the only time in my life I regretted not chasing after that astronaut career. 

I figured tucking my pants into my socks was my best option.

Without a space suit the mouse might be able to nibble me me to death, help steer, or build a nest in my hair, but there was NO WAY that little tiny baby mouse was gonna climb up my pants.

pants in socks


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