The Monday Minute (or two): National Random Acts of Kindness Day is Wednesday!

by | Feb 15, 2016 | The Monday Minute, Video

Every week.

Another Monday.

We can trudge through it or be the boss of it and/or own the whole “random acts of kindness” thing through it!

I am being the boss of this Monday by sleeping in because not only do the kids have the day off, but the husband too.

In looking for what observances we have to look forward to this week, I found it was National Random Acts of Kindness Day on Wednesday. There are lots of mental games we can play to help us get to a positive perspective, but you guys… in my non-scientific research I have found that there is no quicker path to a genuinely good feeling than being kind to others.

Lena messaged me on my JOTS Facebook page and made sure I didn’t miss that Thursday is Drink Wine Day! That is also a good way to make a week positive.

Of course Tuesday is Do A Grouch A Favor Day. This one is hard for me because a lot of times when one is kind to a grouch – the grouch is so consumed by his/her grouchness… you wonder if it made a difference at all. Or if your kindness just made them more grouchy. However, I love the thought and it makes me think of the time my dad had a heart attack and I know there were moments I was out and about in a fog of “This could change my life forever” and I probably looked like a grouch… and there were moments I wished that people would just cut me some slack and though I didn’t have the emotional resource to outwardly appreciate the slack… even the slightest grace was desperately needed.

All that to say, have a great week, friends! Practice random acts of kindness, be nice to grouches, and… DINK WINE 😉

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