The Monday Minute (or two): Making It Rain and Napping

by | Mar 7, 2016 | The Monday Minute, Video

No, I am not making it rain on Monday.

But maybe I am.

It depends on your interpretation of the phrase.


Don’t forget to look up a fun fact about your name today! And we have quite a week ahead of us. Are you ready? If you must panic this week, let it be Wednesday. But just because the 9th is Panic Day – it doesn’t mean you have to do it.

If you did not watch the video, that that last paragraph probably makes no sense.

On that note… National Nap Day is Friday I would say TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT.

Naps are awesome.

And speaking of naps… take a peek at this infographic about napping!

Napping 101
SO. Onward, friends! It’s time to take on Monday. To take on the week. Hopefully you’ll get a nap.

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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