The Monday Minute: National Love Your Pet Day is Today!

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Good Morning/Monday friends!

Did you know today is…

National Love Your Pet Day?

Yup. True story.

National Love Your Pet Day |

I have to be honest. I don’t always feeeeel as if I love my pets.

They steal socks. They  stink. They leave hair EVERYWHERE.

Kevin (the big one) has recently gained the reputation of one who is likely to eat any meat setting on the counter.

And Gus is a princess who hates to go out in inclement weather.

Did I mention the hair???

National Love Your Pet Day, ehh?

However… they do have their charm.

They are snugglers. Are always happy to see us when we’ve been away from home (or just in the bathroom going potty). And they are good for a laugh.

national love your pet day - my pets

We used to have two ferrets. Sport and Molly.

That was back in 1998/99… I was still using a camera with film back in those days. I have a whole scrapbook of those two busybodies. I should share it with you some time.

Or not.

Speaking of sharing… how about that Monday Minute video?

So the rest of the week looks fun:

Tuesday the 21st: National Sticky Bun Day

Wednesday the 22nd:  National Margarita Day

Thursday the 23rd:  National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (don’t go TOO crazy)

Friday the 24th: National Tortilla Chip Day


In addition to all of that… everyday is “Be Nice to Somebody” Day!

It may not be on an official calendar, but we can make sure that gets added to our daily to-do list(s). Right?


Ok, friends… I hope you have a lovely week.

I hope the challenges you face make you stronger or at least drive you to find the most delicious chocolate *wink*.

Peace and sparkles and all that good stuff!


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